Welcome to the Department of the „History and Cultures of Eastern Europe“

Добро пожаловать :: Witamy serdecznie :: Vítáme Vás :: Herzlich Willkommen!

We are a small department dealing with a huge geographical area of research. The exact location of this research area is due to historical changes – as we are currently observing in Ukraine – and opinions differ on that matter. Our focus refers to the history of Russia and the Soviet Union as well as Central Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe, whereas topics relating to the history of North Eastern Europe are offered only sporadically. We concentrate on the modern epochs from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Therefore there is a close collaboration with the Departments of Modern History (for example relating to the Master’s module and mutual excursions).

In addition, focusing on history and cultures, the department offers the possibility to study aspects of political and social history as well as aspects of cultural history, for instance topics of fiction, music, film and other visual sources.

History and Cultures of Eastern Europe” is offered in Düsseldorf in the context of BA- and MA-courses of study. Knowledge of languages is always welcome but it is not presupposed when attending our courses. We are always at everybody’s disposal for those who would like to establish contacts to Eastern Europe or who plan to spend a semester as well as to visit language courses abroad.


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