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Global History

We understand global history as a perspective on the past. Fundamental to this perspective is the attempt to name and overcome Eurocentrism and methodological nationalism. Special attention is therefore paid to the agency of actors from the global South. Instead of thinking of Europe and European actors as the main drivers of history, the focus is on the interconnectedness, simultaneity, and non-simultaneity of global processes and dynamics beyond Europe. The basic global history literature, given below, clarifies this perspective. We recommend taking the tutorial Global History.

The header image of the website shows a Duala delegation shortly before their departure for Germany in 1902, prompted by what was perceived as unlawful administrative practices in the German colony of Cameroon.

Seen on the left are Rudolf Duala Manga (with hat in hand), his wife Emma Engome (Dayas) (with umbrella); center of picture: August Manga Ndumbe between his 2nd wife Ekedi Muasso and his son Richard Din'a Manga; in front 4 year old Alexander and probably his sister Tekla Njanjo. Image from: Jacques Soulillou: Douala - un siècle en images, Paris 1989.

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