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Global History

Global History analyzes the cultural, social, political, and economic interrelations of Europe and the World in a historical perspective. Between the 18th and the 21st century, processes of interdependence accelerated which shaped today's workd. Historical contexts and global interconnectedness of non-European regions therefore are important themes of Global History. The relations between Europe and other world regions and the mutual influences are the focus of our research and teaching.


DAAD scholarship "German Colonial Rule"

The DAAD programme “German Colonial Rule”, funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, invites young researchers to apply for DAAD scholarships for PhD thesis projects. The aim of the scholarship programme is to promote research on German government institutions and policies and their political, economic and cultural impact on and in the former German colonies.

PD Dr. Stefanie Michels is a partner of this program. Please contact her if you have questions.

Our team

Here you find information on our current and former colleagues.

Exhibitions and projects

Colonial Links: Rhineland/Grassfields - Germany/Cameroon

"Colonial Links: Rhineland/Grassfields - Germany/Cameroon", an exhibition developed by PD Dr. Stefanie Michels, Junior Professor Dr. Martin Doll and students, was displayed in Dusseldorf (Germany) in 2017 and in Dschang (Cameroon) in 2018. It delved into the close colonial and post colonial interconntections between these regions.

For this exhibition, students and scholars produced short texts and  films about certain aspects of this intertwined history, which you can access on www.deutschland-postkolonial.de/.

Study trips

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