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Directions and location


Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Arbeitsbereich Globalgeschichte
Universitätsstraße 1
40225 Düsseldorf

Arrival by public transport:

The campus of the university is a small city by itself. Therefore, there are several bus and streetcar stops. A special offer for the freshmen, but all other students benefit from it as well, is the Rheinbahn campus map. With the help of the Rheinbahn timetable information, you can find the fastest way to your destination.

Arrival by train:

Düsseldorf's main train station is connected to all international long-distance routes.

From there, the U79 light rail line goes directly to the university: direction "Uni-Ost / Botanischer Garten" (also the final stop). You can also reach the same stop with the U73 line - only on Sundays with the 704.
You can reach the stop "Universität Nord / Christophstraße" with the lines 704, U71, U73 and U83.

It is especially recommended for all destinations on the northern campus. You can get to "Südpark" with lines U71, U73, U79 and U83 - also only on Sundays with the 704.

Arrival by bus:

If you add up the grounds of HHU (Heinrich Heine University) and UKD (University Hospital), this results in a large campus area.
To reach the university campus, a choice of seven bus stops can be made. From north to south:

Südpark (Buslinien SB57, 723, 727, 731, 735, 827)

Universität Mensa (SB 57, 731, 735, 827, NE7)

Universität West (SB56, 835, 836)

Universität Mitte (SB56, SB57, 731, 735, 827, 835, 836, NE7) – empfehlenswert für die Naturwissenschaften, BWL, Jura und die Universitätsbibliothek.

Universität Süd (SB56, SB57, 731, 735, 827, 835, 836, NE7)

Universität Südost (SB57, 731, 735, 827, 835, NE7)

The SB56 express bus runs as a direct connection between the Bilk S-Bahn station and the university during lecture times at 10-minute intervals to and from the university. To reach the UKD campus, the bus can also stop at "Universität Mensa". In addition, four further stops can be reached:

Uni-Kliniken (SB50, 780, 782, 785, NE6)

Moorenstraße (723, 827, 835, 836, NE7)

Chlodwigstraße (835, 836)

Professor-Dessauer-Weg (835, 836)  

Arrival by car:

From the east
the university can be reached from the Hildener Kreuz (A 3 / A 46) via the freeway junction Düsseldorf-Süd (A 46). Leave the A 46 in the tunnel (exit Zentrum / Universität). At the first set of traffic lights, the Universitätsstraße runs through the campus.

From the west
The A 46 and the A 57 meet at the Neuss-Süd intersection. After the Rhine bridge (Fleher Brücke) take the exit Bilk / Zentrum / Hafen / Benrath. Then follow the right exit (Benrath / Universität).

From the city center
take Corneliusstraße and Witzelstraße (direction Wuppertal, A 46), then turn right to Universitätsstraße.

On the campus
the designated parking spaces of HHU are free of charge. Vehicles parked illegally will be removed for a fee.

Arrival by plane:

Düsseldorf Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe. There is a good connection to the main train station by S-Bahn and from there by subway (line U 79 to the final stop "Uni-Ost/ Botanischer Garten", alternatively line U73 runs to the university. Line 704 also leaves from the main station towards "Universität Nord / Christophstraße".

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