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Historical Sciences

With nine professors and over 1000 students, the Institute of Historical Studies enables you to study history in many facets. Our courses are consecutive, practice-oriented and interdisciplinary.

We not only take you from antiquity through the Middle Ages and early modern times to contemporary history, but also offer thematic emphases that go beyond this with Eastern European history, economic history and the history of expansion.

You will learn in study sections that consistently build on each other: First, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the historical sub-subjects and epochs. Then you will work on the historical tools of the trade using concrete case studies. Finally, you will learn how to work independently on topics of your own choice.


War against Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine. By force of arms, President Putin wants to destroy the democratic development of the country, its right to self-determination and its sovereignty, and to depose the government. This threatens peace and security in Europe. This is shocking and makes us stunned.

We very much hope that the contacts with our colleagues in Ukraine, but also in Russia and Belarus can be maintained in the future and that the scientific exchange can be filled with life.  

Now the Ukrainian people urgently need our solidarity and support.

Please find here information on how you can support the humanitarian aid for the people affected by violence and destruction in Ukraine with donations.

If you would like to donate money for those affected in and from Ukraine, we recommend that you donate to the non-profit relief organization Libereco: www.lphr.org/humanitaere-soforthilfe-fuer-die-ukraine/.

Donation account Germany
Recipient: Libereco
Purpose: Ukraine
Bank: Ethikbank
IBAN: DE96 8309 4495 0003 3203 32

Further information on the page of the Chair of History and Cultures of Eastern Europe.


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