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Anneliese Maier Prize Autumn School 2016

Anneliese Maier Prize Autumn School 2016

Liturgy, Libraries and Learning among the Dominicans

Eva Schlotheuber (Düsseldorf) und Jeffrey Hamburger (Harvard).

Venue: undefinedHaus der Universität, Schadowplatz 14 in 40212 Düsseldorf.



14:00-14:15 pm


14:00-15:00 pm




15:00-16:00 pm



16:00-16:30 pm


16:30-17:30 pm




17:30-18:30 pm



Eva Schlotheuber/Jeffrey Hamburger: Introduction


Eva Schlotheuber (Düsseldorf):

Ordering Knowledge. Education and the Libraries of the

Dominican Nuns in Germany


Claire Jones (Notre Dame):

Liturgical Regulations in the Constitutions for Dominican Sisters


Coffee Break


Stephen Mossman (Manchester):

The Hatred of University Lecturers and the Inspired Word

in the Fourteenth-Century Dominican Order


Pietro Delcorno (Leeds):

Preaching between liturgy and cetechesis:

The Quadragesimale peregrini



09:00-10:00 am



10:00-11:00 am



11:00-11:30 am


11:30-12:30 am




12:30-13:30 pm



13:30-18:00 pm


18:00-21:00 pm

Nigel Palmer (Oxford):

Der Basler Kartäuserprior Heinrich Arnoldi und die Frauengebete


Sylvie Duval (Paris):

Dominican Nuns in Italy. Language Skills and Writing Culture


Coffee Break


Pablo Acosta-Garcia (Barcelona):

Marguerite in the Margins: The Annotations of the French and

Continental Latin Traditions of the Mirror of Simple Souls


Jeffrey Hamburger (Harvard):

The Liturgical Manuscripts from Paradies. Theological Themes


Coffee Break


Book presentation:

Jeffrey Hamburger, Eva Schlotheuber, Margot Fassler,

Susan Marti:

Gelehrte Bräute Christi. Liturgie und Bildung im Dominikaner-

innenkloster Paradiese bei Soest.


09:00-10:00 am



10:00-11:00 am



11:00-11:30 am


11:30-12:30 am



12:00-14:00 pm



14:00-15:00 pm






14:00-17:00 pm



19:00 pm

Margot Fassler (Notre Dame, IN, USA):

The Sequences from Paradies bei Soest


Henryk Anzulewicz (Cologne):

Albertus Magnus und die Dominikanerliturgie


Coffee Break


Lena Vosding (Düsseldorf):

Letter Writting and Quotations from the Liturgy





Lecture hall University Library (ULB Düsseldorf)

Anja Freckmann (BSB, Munich):

Liturgical Manuscripts in Observant Communities of the Female

Branch in Teutonia: Their Use, Structrue and Adaptation to

Local Practice


Workshop (ULB Düsseldorf):

The Liturgical Manuscripts from Paradies bei Soest


Dinner (Goldener Ring, Düsseldorf Altstadt)


09:00-10:00 am




10:00-11:00 am




11:00-11:30 am


11:30-12:30 am




13:00-18:00 pm

Mercedes Pérez-Vidal (Barcelona):

Ad previdendum et ad caelebrandum officium. The liturgical

space of Dominican nuns in Late Medieval Castile


Evelin Wetter (Abegg-Stiftung Riggisberg):

Animals of the Physiologus represented in Textiles. Allegorical

Instruction and the Shaping of Identity


Coffee Break


Nicole Pulichene (Cambridge, MA/Munich):

"One Whose Name was Writ in Wax": Reflections on the

Medieval Reuse of the Boethius Diptych


Excursion (Citercian monastery Altenberg)

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