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Our Team

Here you find the staff of the Chair of Early Modern History with the most important information. For detailed information, please klick on the respective name.

+49 211 81-11537

+49 211 81-13740
+49 211 81-13740
+49 211 81-13740
+49 211 81-13740
em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hansgeorg Molitor
+49 2161 620323

PD Dr. Christian Wieland

Prof. Dr. Andreas Rutz

Katja Benner M.A.

Jan Eikenbusch M.A.

Nancy Lambertz M.A.

Dr. Stephan Laux

Kaj Sollmann M.A.

Sebastian Tupikevics M.A.

Dr. Johannes Waßmer

Bernd Dreher M.A.

Prof. Dr. Clemens von Looz-Corswarem

Prof. Dr. Leo Peters

Dr. Benedikt Mauer

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