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Management and Board

Management board

The management of the Institute of Historical Sciences is currently held by Prof. Dr. Eva Schlotheuber from the Chair of Medieval History. The management alternates every two years.

Managing Director

Building: 24.55
Floor/Room: U1.087
+49 211 81-12938
+49 211 81-11475

Secretary to the Board

Building: 24.55
Floor/Room: U1.083
+49 211 81-11343

Management staff

Research Assistant

Building: 24.21
Floor/Room: 03.83
+49 211 81-10764

Management student assistants

Student assistant

Building: 24.55
Floor/Room: U1.81


The Institute's Board of Directors includes all professorial members of the Institute as well as representatives of the scientific mid-level staff and of technology and administration. The student body is also represented on the board with voting rights.


Mid-level staff representation

Staff from technology and administration

Minutes of the board meetings

Here you can find all minutes of the board meetings since the board decided to publish them in 2015.

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